Massage Therapy Harrogate

Having experienced the benefits of massage therapy myself, I take tremendous satisfaction in helping people to feel calmer, less stressed and have more energy. My treatments lead to immediate benefits, calm the nervous system and improve digestion.

After an initial consultation, I pride myself in providing treatments to reduce muscle soreness and tension and help insomnia, and promote relaxation and clients have reported reductions in tension headaches and lower back problems after seeing me.

After each treatment I offer after care advice and guidance that includes relaxation techniques and stretches.

I provide bespoke and holistic treatments in the comfort of your home.

The word holistic comes from the Greek word holos meaning whole. Holistic massage is an approach rather than a technique. I aim to restore balance to the body, taking the whole person (mind, body and spirit) into account. An example of this would be if you have stiff shoulders; I will ease them but also try to identify why you have them and make changes to help prevent the tension.

In addition I provide:

  • On-site Seated chair massage which is a 15 minute oil-free treatment and perfect for busy people who wish to quick de-stress. Contact me if you’d like to book this for your workplace or event.
  • Natural face lifts that improve blood flow, relax facial muscles, evens skin tone and give a natural slight lift. This is a great treatment to have before a special event.